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Are Marketers Forgetting that Different Generations Act Differently? Today’s marketers are missing a trick if they are not targeting their audience by age group. It's increasingly important to tread with caution and avoid stereotyping by listening to your data.

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With the holidays fast approaching, annual research from email service provider, Mailjet, has revealed that Waitrose is ahead of other supermarkets in the email campaign stakes...

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Brits are 39% more likely to engage with brand messages that promise to alleviate their social anxiety of missing out, according to Mailjet research.

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Marketers Admit ‘Coding Gap’ Makes Business Less Agile

research from email service provider Mailjet.">More than half (54%) of marketing professionals believe the 'coding gap' between marketing and development teams make their business less agile, according to new research from email service provider Mailjet. Read the article

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